September 20, 2016



'InDuologue' is a musical dialogue between a Voice and a Double Bass that introduces you to an accoustic kind of jazz listening.
The two interpreters blend their sounds in such a way that it makes their music feel intimate and distinctive almost as if it was directed to each listener personally.
Alexandra Lerta – voice
Vasilis Stefanopoulos – double bass, effects



“ They swing as effortlessly and hard as a driving big band whose momentum approaches entropy at infinity.” C. Michael Bailey, AllAboutJazz

"Just a warm-sounded double bass, full of meaningful timber & a thoroughly balanced voice oozing style. A refreshing & quite engaging experience.”
Jazzismus (

[...]Their music is, in short, brilliant, but it’s actually so fantastic that it deserves further explanation. When I first heard examples, I remarked about how much it reminded me of Sheila Jordan’s projects, and they clearly belong to Jordan’s school, but everything they do is strictly their own.[...] [Vasilis] is also an excellent bass player, in the same league as some of the very best. Do give this disc a serious listen as it is definitely going to be one of the best things which happened in music this year.”
Greg Drygala | HiFiCritic

“[...]It’s not easy to replace an entire orchestra but it’s a joy to listen to Vasilis’ accompaniment. His accompaniment seems effortless and he ensures that the whole remains euphonious. Alexandra and Vasilis are well-matched. The sound of her voice is striking.[...]”

“[…]The clearly practiced play of Stefanopoulos, consisting of pizzicato, bowing and even drumming on the bass is of high class. […] Alexandra sings in a cheerful, sometimes slightly frolic and especially youthful way. For both calmer tracks like Dire Straits’ cover Why Worry, the endearing title song (Blue Skies) or the beautiful The Moon’s a Harsh Mistress, as well as up tempo songs like Hum Drum Blues, the surprisingly approached My Funny Valentine or almost cheerful Bye Bye Blackbird the duo manages well, they reinforce each other in a positive way.[…] InDuologue manages to hold audience attention, which is a challenge for this genre. […]”
Eric de Boer, 

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