May 24, 2016



INEDITS is a band whose colourful compositions delve into the world of improvised music. Nuno (the composer and leader) is inspired by the colours of harmony and instrumentation thus painting music with the following palette of timbres: Nuno Torres Marques (PT) – Composition/Double-Bass; Kenny Talkowski (AR) – Alto & Sop Sax/Bass Clarinet/Flute; Rui Silva (PT) – Guitar; Sandro Savino (IT) – Piano/Micro Korg; Jimmi Hueting (NL) – Drums

Using INEDITS as a the medium, Nuno invites the listeners to use their imagination, while enjoying his kaleidoscopic compositions. The INEDITS prove themselves especially during improvisations as strong improvisers, with a good sense of each other's musical ideas.


In June 2015 Nuno Torres Marques and his band INEDITS released their first debut album 'Vortex'. The concept behind this album is a combination of the lotus (flower) and the cosmic whirlwind (Vortex). The beauty and fragility of the compositions are deliberately distorted by a strong build-up of energy and sound. This fusion of hard and soft speak compositions, takes the listener to a hypnotic and beautiful world that exudes a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Jazzeznzo - Jazz Magazine 

David Cohen: "Voor een debuutplaat klinkt ‘Vortex’, het eerste album van de Lisbonese contrabassist Nuno Torres Marques en zijn band Inedits, zeer volwassen. De in Den Haag woonachtige Marques schreef zelf alle zeven composities, waarmee hij de luisteraar verwelkomt in een wereld die veel verschillende invloeden onderbrengt in een organisch geheel."



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