September 4, 2017

Petros Bouras

Petros Bouras (Piano) was born in Athens, Greece. He has given plenty of concerts, including piano concerto with the Greek National Orchestra at Megaron, Athens Music Hall, and personal recitals in various halls, such as Palais de Beaux Arts (Brussels), Halles de Schaerbeek (Brussels), Salle Philarmonique de Liege (Liege), Kopleff Hall (Atlanta), St Mary’s Church (Cornwall), Parnassos Music Hall and Goethe Institut (Athens). On July 2016, he became the first Greek pianist who performed on Gulangyu, the piano island of China, giving four concerts of different repertoire.

He has been always interested in expressing himself through different kinds of music. Therefore he has collaborated with the film music composer S. Umebayashi and the conductor D. Brosse,  the American Tango Flutist Jessica Quiñone, the Mezzo Soprano Alexandra Gravas and he is member of StarWound, one of the most well-known Anglophone Greek bands, which introduced the music genre of ‘rock cabaret’ in Greece. He has worked also as an accompanist of the Ballet Company of the Greek National Opera.

He received his diploma from the Musical Horizons Conservatory with exceptional grade and attended classes from famous pianists such as Y. Solomon, F. Clidat and I. Pogorelich