August 23, 2018



'Remgewogen' focuses on new music written for the classical guitar and emphasizes on the collaboration between performing- and composing musicians.

This is an initiative by classical guitarist-composer Martin van Hees in the form of an album with video-sound recording and an interview with the composers where they talk about their work. "Being a classical musician you often have questions for composers who lived a long time ago, but they can never answer these questions" mentions Martin van Hees.



It all started when 4 years ago Martin van Hees dedicated his master thesis to "The influence of the composers on the performance practice" dedicated to Dutch modern composers, such as Louis Andriessen, Roderik de Man. Parallel, 2 students, Christiaan Richter and Jan-Peter de Graaff back then at the department of the Royal Conservatoire composed two pieces for the acoustic guitar dedicated to Martin van Hees himself. The two composers currently have developed as much as writing pieces for the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (Amsterdam) and the Residentie Orkest (the Hague) respectively.

Martin has developed into a guitarist that does not only perform classical music, but also modern pieces. He is member of different contemporary ensembles and also composes himself mainly for the instrument of the guitar. In 2018 'Remgewogen' is born. The title of the album is the same as the title of the composition by Christiaan Richter which he composed for guitarist Martin van Hees. The recording took place in Haarlem at Lutherse Evangelische kerk. 

The release date is on the 22nd of November under TRPTK label.
The presentation of the album will take place the same date in Utrecht at KUUB, Ruimte voor Kunst en Cultuur.
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