August 23, 2018

The Sonic Sensory Experience

The Sonic Sensory Experience

We invite you to come on a trip with us, to the far unknown lands of consciousness, feelings and imagination.
It is not a typical meditation class neither a meditative concert, it is more of a sound journey portraying the beautiful intersection of performance art, communication and relaxation. In a world full of visual information we ask you to close your eyes and for a moment, to simply listen.

Blindfolded, you will enter a universe of sounds, smells and sensations, surrounding you with new and familiar memories. Once denied from vision, your body and mind are set free from expectations and conventions, so you’re free to travel… where? That's up to you. The musical string instruments - Viola, Cello and Bass create a sonic experience that will carry you through endless landscapes and tails. While living your own journey, your path might crosses with the path of other people in the room. Intentions meet, energies might be exchanged, and communication is born. Another reality can exist, suggesting a different perspective on life.

Without telling too much, we can promise you that this will be unlike anything else that you have experienced in so far.
The participants will be seated on the floor on comfortable mats and pillows in a warm space.

The sound journey lasts about 1 hour. We advise you to wear loose-fitting clothes.


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