October 22, 2018



Contenco is the collaboration of 3 artists of a completely different universe who create a show where experimental contemporary music is mixed with contemporary flamenco dance. Their departure points are the 4 elements and the 5 Chinese elements. Set in an intimate scenery where tradition meets modernity, where the 2 cultures mix together. All elements of nature will come to life before your eyes.

Based on the philosophy of Lao Steu, which consists in finding the way to hold on to just one element as from difference, conflict and duality can be created but also and for sure complementarity (Yin Yang). We need to unify our differences to create harmony​.



Contenco is a newly-formed musical trio comprised by pianist María Domínguez Pérez, percussionist Andrés Navarro and flamenco dancer Federico Ordoñez which connects two different languages and traditions, both flamenco and contemporary music, in order to create new languages and new forms of artistic expression. These three Spanish artists take a new step in their careers and immerse into a study and a personal quest motivated by the in-bound necessity to create and express themselves in a personal language, product of their own musical and personal experiences.

There is no doubt about the unique experience that becomes seeing a flamenco dancer drawing inspiration from and dancing to works from the greatest new composers. From pieces rooted in the deepest flamenco tradition, through great pieces from the 21st century to the newest creations by contemporary composers, this artistic formation strives to understand its own center piece, a common ground for their way of understanding themselves, art and music.

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