March 21, 2016

Playground workshop

Team building workshop and game performance

Playground is about exploring, within the team, different perspectives of experiencing, creating and observing through the world of music, using non-verbal communication.

Playground workshop offers an introduction to Laban Movement Analysis, as a tool for improving effectiveness of non-verbal communication skills, of the individual members and the group as a whole, and for awareness to self and others.

The Playground game is a creative and playful experience of non-verbal communication skills, allowing the participants to explore creativity, musicality, alongside subconscious investigation of relations, positions and abilities within the team.

Laban Movement Analysis

In Playground workshop, participants learn about LMA through a series of lively movement activities and improvise using variations of intent, phrasing, body patterns, dynamic range, shape change and use of space.

Through theoretical background, followed by practical exercises, the participants research their different uses of each Effort, in relation to self and environment. The discoveries and questions resolving from ones movement exploration, will later come in use in while playing Playground using almost exclusively non-verbal communication. 

Playground Game

Playground is one large musical game with only one rule: making music together. Through building a strong group connection, using non-verbal communication - a constant flow of music is created, spontaneously on-spot.

Around the space are spread many musical pieces, ranging from written repertoire to interactive musical games, texts, improvisations and other communal music-making means.

The participants of Playground are Goedlaak musicians and the audience, with no distinction between: both are free to travel around the space, and take part in the different musical events which together construct the whole. Each can initiate a musical happening, participate with or without invite, observe and/or listen.

No pre-order is given to determine the events on Playground's time-line. The result is unique at each time the game is played. The communal and individual decisions upon actions of all participants dissolve to a complete composition: summing its small partials, and representing the spirit of the group in the specific moment in time.